Linger Longer’s beautiful surroundings and international reputation contrasts distinctly with its very humble
beginnings in downtown Johannesburg. Established as a tea room on the ground floor front rooms of pre-war
rooming house, Linger Longer served its first guests in 1961.

Towards the end of 1964 two German restauranteurs acquired the quaint tearoom and set about converting
it into a restaurant. Little did they know that this little restaurant would become one of South Africa’s longest
surviving and favourite fine dining restaurants, regrettably, both these enthusiastic entrepreneurs were killed
in a motor accident in 1968 and Linger Longer’s future hung in the balance.

Fortunately Bill Jackson, a regular, came to the rescue and once again Linger Longer had found a loving
patron. Under Peg and Bill Jackson’s supervision the restaurant flourished and grew.

In 1979 the Jackson’s retired to Natal and the restaurant was acquired by brothers John and Ben Filmater
who are the present proprietors. They have unstintingly followed the example of their predecessor of not
compromising on the standards and quality of food and service.

No history of the Linger Longer would be complete without mention of Walter Ulz, Chef Cuisinier who has
held court in the kitchen since the mid-seventies. His commitment has undoubtedly resulted in Linger
Longer’s high standards and remarkable reputation.

The year 2006 signified the beginning of a new chapter in the Linger Longer history. The business was
brought by the long standing management team of Carlos de Freitas and Walter Ulz.